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In November 1975  ARONA GmbH was founded by Willy F.M. Awe and Norbert W. Awe. Father and son – both closely attached to the Hanseatic merchant guild – were representing an ideal combination of profound knowledge of raw materials for the Food Industry and their markets on the one side and the young drive and spirit combined with a high degree of know-how of modern marketing on the other side.

The enterprise grew fast and steadily and soon the initial office in Epfenbach became too small which led to moving the company into own offices and warehouses in D-74915 Waibstadt.

Meanwhile ARONA in Waibstadt is operating in 400 m² of offices and laboratories and in roundabout 5.000 m² of most modern warehouse and production facilities.

ARONA’s outstanding quality standards and it’s excellent service generated a high level of confidence among the European Food Industry which in the early 90's led to the necessity of establishing affiliate operations: ARONA BENELUX BVBA in B-2460 Lichtaart and an ARONA representation in Switzerland (TRAWOSA AG in CH – 9000 St. Gallen).

The adherence to the family tradition of ARONA was
consequently continued through the entering of Sven N. Awe
in 1994 (now General Manager of the company) and Natalie Krosch in 2003 a State approved "graduate" Food Chemist (MS),
responsible for ARONA’s Quality Assurance and
Production Control.

Our aim is to grow further and to achieve this goal we are
doing everything possible in order to be or to become a
competent and trustful partner of our customers.

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